Software Engineer (golang)

Job description

TL;DR: fast-growing healthtech company (AI for stroke detection), Amsterdam, 55-95k euros, Golang.


  1. When a patient with stroke symptoms arrives at a hospital, the patient’s brain is scanned and uploaded into our cloud.

  2. We immediately run AI algorithms detecting stroke location (if any) and type.

  3. The result is uploaded back into the hospital, displayed in our mobile applications and web interface.

Product values

  • Performance: every saved minute of processing saves one month of the patient’s life.

  • Accuracy: AI analysis results can affect what treatment the patient will get if any.

  • Reliability: human lives depend on our product, so it must be always accessible and every result must be reproducible.

  • Compliance: our product is a medical device, and so it must comply with a lot of regulations.

Our values
These are the engineering values that we expect you to share:

  • Strive for progress not perfection.

  • Automate everything.

  • Keep tests reliable, atomic, fast, and reproducible.

  • Refactoring should be safe and easy.

Job requirements

Tech stack

In a nutshell, the project consists of the following components:

  • Python-driven ML algorithms.

  • Golang services processing uploaded and generated medical images and providing APIs for interfaces.

  • TS, React, and React Native for Web UI and cross-platform mobile application.

  • Google Cloud and Kubernetes for serving the project

  • Terraform and ArgoCD for automating environment creation.

We expect you to:

  • At least 4 years of experience with Golang.

  • Expertise in implementing microservices (using tools and technologies for messaging, RPC, containerization, etc.)

  • Basic experience with CI/CD systems

  • Be eager to grasp some Kubernetes basics in a few months.

  • Be eager to learn the rest along the way as needed.


  1. Salary € 55.000 - € 95.000, including 8% holiday pay and pension contribution. Are you worth more? Sure, let’s talk!

  2. Reimbursement of commute and travel expenses.

  3. Everything you need for work. Laptop, monitor, desk, you name it.

  4. Small team. About 30 people in the company and just about 10 out of them are engineers. Easy to make an impact, no bureaucracy, no struggles between teams.

  5. Open for experiments. We’re always looking for new ways to make the product better, and if you have ideas you’d like to validate, we’ll give you the time and resources you need.

  6. The best place to learn new things. We discuss new publications in the field, try new technologies, visit meetups together, give you 4 hours per week to let you learn new technologies.

  7. Learning budget. We allocate up to € 1000 per year for every engineer to spend on conferences, courses, books etc.

  8. No boundaries on your role. Want to try DevOps? Machine Learning? Frontend development? E2E tests automation? Designing architecture? Sure! We hire you as a golang engineer but you can try other roles, and we will support you in it.

  9. Friendly environment. We’re friends, we like to cook together, play