Partnership Success Manager

Job description

Why we need you

Nicolab has big ambitions when it comes to impacting Stroke care. Nicolab and Philips have built a strong working relationship over the years based on shared goals and values, which resulted in a recently signed Reseller partnership. Both organizations are committed to making a significant impact in the industry as positive disruptors in the Stroke workflow. In recent months, both Nicolab and Philips have invested significant time and resources to

have StrokeViewer adopted in the Philips catalog across three different departments (CT, EDI and IGT). We need you to work alongside Philips, understand the movements, motivations, and challenges in each market where StrokeViewer is introduced with Philips. You will be the Philips’ trusted Go-to person, keep their knowledge up to date, share success stories and think of scalable solutions of best practices.

Top results areas

  1. Be the owner and leader of the execution of the Philips Reseller and Partnership.

  2. Build new and develop existing relations with our partner Philips from individual markets of CT, EDI, and IGT (Marketing and Sales) to the (Executive) Management.

  3. Monitor and track the success of the Philips Reseller & Partnership.

  4. Feed information and learnings back to the organization (to Sales, Marketing, Product development and Executive team).

  5. Maintain the knowledge and experience of StrokeViewer with the local Philips Sales and Marketing teams. Equip them with the latest insights and best practices.

  6. Handle all feedback and questions coming from the collaboration between Philips and Nicolab and take action accordingly.

What you’ll do

  • Work very closely with Philips (Neuro) divisions - CT, EDI and IGT - and individual markets (Sales and Marketing teams).

  • Understand all market, industry and partner perceptions and needs.

  • Identify where Nicolab can add value to Philips and the other way around.

  • Build a dashboard to track progress of the markets and build plans for individual markets.

  • Build commercial and marketing campaigns (together with Nicolab and Philips Marketing departments) and use a multi-channel approach to keep the momentum going.

  • Train the global staff on the StrokeViewer positioning and keep their knowledge up to date.

  • Share success stories, best practices and turn them into scalable solutions.

  • Be the main point of contact for all types of questions from the market on the shared value proposition between Philips and Nicolab.

  • You’ll report to the Head of Customer Success and work closely with the Chief Commercial Officer.

Job requirements

What you’ll bring

You’re a real opportunity seeker, you don’t take no for an answer, are persuasive and have a constructive approach to reaching all goals. You realize the importance of building good relationships and have a passion for creating real impact. You have technical knowledge and understanding of different products in the Stroke/Imaging industry. You love to guide multiple international team to their goals.

  • >7 years experience in commercial roles, project management and leadership

  • Experience working with external clients / partners and maintaining strong relationships.

  • Understand the needs and challenges of different stakeholders in healthcare.

  • Strong networking experience in building both new and existing relationships.

  • Experience leading a multidisciplinary team.

  • Commercial experience in the medical (neurovascular) field.

  • Excellent communicator with strong presentation (powerpoint) skills. Including experience in hosting (technical) trainings and events.

  • Solution and result oriented.

  • Structured way of working and strong analytical skills.

  • Proactively identifies issues as opportunities.

  • Able to provide clear direction and priorities, taking the lead to resolve problems.

  • Keep yourself and others accountable to timely delivery of commitments.

  • Fluent in English, an additional language is a plus.

  • Experience in both the European and American healthcare markets.

  • Willingness to travel.

What we offer:

  • Chance to make a real difference to patient’s lives

  • A fun and ambitious work environment

  • Pension contribution

  • Additional 8% holiday pay

  • Flexible working hours

  • Travel expenses by car, train or bike

  • Work laptop (Apple or other)

  • Stimulating environment with a fun motivated team

Who we are:

We believe the combination of artificial and human intelligence will revolutionize emergency care and we work each day to make that happen. Founded in 2015 as a spin-off from the Amsterdam University Medical Center, our research background continues to drive our way of thinking. We have a diverse team from all corners of the world, composed of researchers, developers and experienced medical specialists who ensure our product and services match our clients' needs. We’re first tackling the major issue of stroke, the leading cause of life-long disability, where we will ensure every patient gets the right treatment in time.