DevOps Engineer

Job description

TL;DR: fast-growing healthtech company (stroke workflow), Amsterdam, 55-85k euros, DevOps


You will be responsible for developing new features and new platform-level capabilities. You will be working on integration initiatives and collaborate with other teams to improve the reliability and observability of the system, as well as contribute to the design and planning of our hybrid cloud architecture. You may be expected to work on security-related topics as well as cloud and hybrid cloud solutions. As part of our growing team, you will have the opportunity to shape the future of Nicolab and work with an agile and international team.


  • When a patient with stroke symptoms arrives at a hospital, the patient’s brain is scanned and images are uploaded into our cloud

  • We immediately run AI algorithms detecting stroke location (if any) and type

  • The result is uploaded back into the hospital, displayed in our mobile applications and web interface

Product values:

  • Performance: every saved minute of processing saves one month of the patient’s life.

  • Accuracy: AI analysis results can affect what treatment the patient will get if any.

  • Reliability: human lives depend on our product, so it must be always accessible and every result must be reproducible.

  • Compliance: our product is a medical device, and so it must comply with regulations.

Tech stack:

In a nutshell, the project consists of the following components:

  • Python-driven ML Algorithms: Our machine learning solutions power the core business logic and data analytics

  • Golang Services: These microservices are responsible for data processing and providing robust APIs for various user interfaces

  • TypeScript, React, and React Native: For delivering a highly interactive and efficient Web UI and cross-platform mobile application

  • AWS and GCP Cloud: The current infrastructure backbone, though we are working towards a multi-cloud, cloud-agnostic approach

  • Terraform and Kubernetes: For Infrastructure as Code (IAC) and orchestration, making our deployment processes smooth and maintainable

  • ArgoCD: For GitOps-based continuous deployment in our Kubernetes environments

  • Distributed Systems: Our services are designed to work in a distributed manner to ensure scalability and high availability

  • Networking: Utilization of service meshes and API gateways to manage inter-service communication

  • Terraform and Kubernetes for managing the infrastructure and application

Job requirements

Required skills:

We expect you to know how to work with:

  • CI/CD Principles and Tools: Understanding of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment is crucial

  • Cloud Engineering: Particularly with AWS, Google Cloud or Azure

  • Terraform and Kubernetes: Mastery in infrastructure as code and container orchestration is a must

  • ArgoCD: Experience with GitOps and specifically ArgoCD will be a strong advantage.

  • Distributed Systems: Understanding principles of distributed computing and how to work with distributed databases and message queues

  • Networking: Strong knowledge of networking protocols, DNS, VPN, Load Balancers, and API gateways

Nice to have:

You will stand out if you have experience with:

  • Know Golang and Docker: These are key components of our stack

  • Willing to Learn: Adaptive learning for evolving tech stacks and best practice

  • Networking Certifications: Any formal training or certification in networking will be an added advantage

What we offer:

  1. Salary € 55.000 - € 85.000, including 8% holiday pay and pension contribution

  2. Reimbursement of commute and travel expenses

  3. Equipment for work. Laptop

  4. The best place to learn new things. We discuss new publications in the field, try new technologies, visit meetups together, and give you 4 hours per week to let you learn new technologies.

  5. Learning budget. We allocate a budget for every engineer to spend on learning & professional development - attending conferences, engaging in courses or relevant books

  6. Great working environment. We are proud of our strong company culture where we strive to live and breathe by our core values - Be bold, Collaborate to achieve success, Commit to our promises, Build impactful and intuitive solutions and Center the customer

So, if you’re ready to make a real difference in patients' lives and work with a highly motivated, talented, multi-disciplinary, and diverse team, apply now!