Customer Success Manager

Job description


We believe that only by making our customers successful can NICO.LAB truly be successful. Towards customers we practice our core values Constant Dialogue, Transparent Approach and Culture of Friendship. We build long-lasting and trusting relationships and support customers in providing better care and we can do this in ways that go beyond our tech.

As Customer Success Manager you will play a crucial role in setting up the Customer Success department. Together with our team, you'll design systems to ensure that every single implementation of StrokeViewer is a successful one. The systems will support our customers in using our AI solutions to get maximum results: teaching them new techniques that can benefit their workflow and supporting them to the max when things go wrong. In addition, you'll help to define insightful KPIs so that we can monitor how our customers are doing, making improvements where needed to continue delivering the best services.


  1. Design systems to support our customers through training and education, which translates to faster and higher quality stroke care
  2. Set up KPIs to monitor and optimize the customer’s experience to exceed expectations and deliver meaningful results
  3. Ensure a high user adoption of StrokeViewer, so it will be used as optimally as possible and with maximum value year on year.
  4. Ensure maximum customer happiness with the support they receive from NICO.LAB
  5. Create a strong customer success culture at NICO.LAB where the voice of the customer is heard
  6. Feed customer insights back to the product and sales teams to maximize customer satisfaction and increase revenue per account

Job requirements


You care about our customers and have an intrinsic interest in understanding their needs. You are analytical and are able to design systems with smart metrics to track success, leading to increased customer satisfaction. You are able to work together with other teams in the company to deliver on customer needs. If you also understand how hospitals work, what the incentives are, and how to ingrain new innovations in the core of current workflows, you'll make our day. Most importantly, you develop a strong vision on how to make our customers successful and you develop and execute plans to achieve it.

  • >5 years of experience with implementing innovations in a healthcare setting
  • Marketing or clinical educational background, minimal bachelor degree
  • Great understanding of the current motivations and incentives in healthcare
  • An excellent analytical and strategic skill but with high execution power
  • Ability to build a team that can get the job done


  • Chance to make a real difference in patient’s lives
  • Pension contribution
  • Additional 8% holiday pay
  • Flexible working hours
  • Travel expenses by car, train or bike
  • Work laptop (Apple or other)
  • Free lunch
  • Stimulating environment with a fun motivated team


We believe the combination of artificial and human intelligence will revolutionize emergency care and we work each day to make that happen. Founded in 2015 as a spin-off from the Amsterdam University Medical Center, our research background continues to drive our way of thinking. We have a diverse team from all corners of the world, composed of researchers, developers and experienced medical specialists who ensure our product and services match our clients' needs. We’re first tackling the major issue of stroke, the leading cause of life-long disability, where we will ensure every patient gets the right treatment in time. Watch more here.