Clinical Research Specialist

Job description


The clinical research specialist is an integral part of the burgeoning NICO.LAB research department. This department plays a key role in many areas of the company, but most importantly it enables the sale of our product by clinically validating our technology. Particularly with doctors and hospitals as main clients, trust in our products is extremely important. And nothing can gain their trust like multiple robust and well executed scientific publications in high-impact journals, proving the effectiveness and safety of our product in different regions and populations around the world. This will help NICO.LAB achieve its goals to empower physicians and make a difference in the lives of stroke patients worldwide.


  • Initiating and managing research collaborations with hospitals in target countries and large global clinical trials:
    • negotiating with stakeholders (mainly doctors and researchers) 
    • writing and editing study protocols 
    • monitoring study progress and interpreting study results.
    • This will help NICO.LAB validate its products, a crucial step for the sales process.
  • Supporting product development: Aid in development of new ideas for cutting edge technologies that NICO.LAB can develop, focusing on the scientific point of view. Concretely this means assessing the need and feasibility of new techniques based on stroke disease processes and biological mechanisms and current treatment workflow logistics, with the context of medical literature and developments within the stroke field at large taken into account.
  • Supporting key departments of NICO.LAB (marketing, sales, product development, regulatory department) when scientific and medical input is required. Examples are sales presentations, grant applications, conferences, FDA and CE certifications, medical ethics etc.

Job requirements


You have excellent medical scientific writing skills and experience in setting up and managing clinical studies. You enjoy working on the edge of medicine and innovative medical technology. You have affinity with project management and enjoy working in diverse and often changing
teams, but can also work independently when required. You are a team player with good communication skills and a strong sense of responsibility and ethics. You are dedicated and hard-working, but also able to relax and have fun once in a while.

  • >3 years of medical research experience, preferably as a medical PhD or postdoc.
  • Excellent scientific writing skills
  • Experience in setting up and managing clinical studies
  • Interest in innovative medical technology
  • Affinity with project management
  • Team player with good communication skills and a strong sense of responsibility


  • Chance to make a real difference in patient’s lives
  • Pension contribution
  • Additional 8% holiday pay
  • Flexible working hours
  • Travel expenses by car, train or bike
  • Work laptop (Apple or other)
  • Free lunch
  • Stimulating environment with a fun motivated team


We believe the combination of artificial and human intelligence will revolutionize emergency care and we work each day to make that happen. Founded in 2015 as a spin-off from the Amsterdam University Medical Center, our research background continues to drive our way of thinking. We have a diverse team from all corners of the world, composed of researchers, developers and experienced medical specialists who ensure our product and services match our clients' needs. We’re first tackling the major issue of stroke, the leading cause of life-long disability, where we will ensure every patient gets the right treatment in time. Watch more here.